About Us

Techno tents established almost 2 decades ago. This allows us to be at a competitive advantage in comparison to our recent competitors, as our quality and brand can be trusted. We take pride and effort in our products in order for our market to enjoy their end results. The establishment of our Brand saw the aim of providing clients with cheap tents yet expensive quality. Our vision encompasses quick delivery. However, with quick delivery, we need to take all other sectors into consideration. Our sales consultants will have to process orders to the manufacturing department fast enough for them to proceed with it and ensure a quick delivery.


Techno Tents specializes in the manufacture of Marquees and Tents. We are committed to manufacturing exceptional quality tents and marquees at the most competitive prices. Our low prices do not mean that we compromise on quality, all marquees and tents are manufactured to the highest standard.


A good customer knows a good business after seeing their services. We take this straight to heart as we put much effort into the services that we provide. As a thriving always busy business we find it difficult to provide clients with the benefit of services, however, we have now implemented a new department to carry forward this sector of our business. We offer delivery services, after sales services, customer care services and many more based on the request. Like no other tent company we go the extra Km/h to ensure your journey was a memorable one.


  •  We offer world class services
  •  Our quality speaks a 1000 words
  •  Customers enjoy communicating with our friendly sales consultants
  •  Techno tents is a recognised and trusted brand
  • We take pride in all sectors of the industry


  •  Protect and improve on tents.
  •  Build a strong momentum in the tent industry.
  • Explore the market for any gaps.
  • Manage the international marketing and branches which are slowly developing.
  •  Continue to have surplus through expenditure.