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Military tents are an essential component of the gear used by armed forces worldwide. These tents are made with durable and high-quality materials to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide protection for troops and equipment. The size of military tents varies depending on their intended use. They come in different sizes, from small ones for individual soldiers to large ones for entire units.

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Tent SizeSleeper
5m x 5m10
5m x 20m 20


  • Light weight
  • Easy to use and dismantle
  • Comes in three different colours
  • Protects you in bad weather conditions
  • We make use of environmentally friendly materials


  1. Canvas
  2. Polyester
  3. Nylon
  4. Cotton
  5. hemp


Nylon is naturally water resistant and is often coated to make it waterproof. Nylon fibres do not rot, so storing a wet nylon tent will not damage it. However, nylon tents should be dried before storage to prevent mildew settling on it. We at Techno Tents make sure that all our tents are 100% waterproof to safeguard the inhabitants and interior of the tent.Techno Tents brings to you the ultimate tent journey along manufacturing to supplying. Our company is equipped to incorporate the entire experience from resources to sales and even thereafter. Many underestimate the importance that tents have in one’s life and the purpose it serves is barely acknowledged, however, one must realise that tents are not made solely for the reason of decorating and accessorizing the appearance of the tent, its primary purpose is to act as shelter and protect its inhabitants. Our tents are made out of the best resources as we ensure total quality management is taking place.

We make use of the following resources:
• Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
• Polypropylene
• Steel
• Galvanized Aluminium
• Canvas

Military Tents For Sale in Durban South Africa

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The most common type of military tent is the “pup” tent, a small shelter that accommodates two soldiers. Other popular types include the “GP” or General Purpose tent, which is larger and can hold up to 16 soldiers, and the large frame tent, which is used as a command post or for other operational purposes.

Military tents are used in various situations, including training exercises, field operations, disaster relief efforts, and combat situations. They provide shelter for soldiers, their equipment, and supplies, and can be quickly set up and taken down. The size of the tent often depends on the number of soldiers it needs to accommodate and the type of equipment it needs to store.

The materials used to make military tents vary depending on the tent’s intended use and environmental conditions. For example, tents used in desert environments may be made of lightweight, breathable materials that offer protection from the sun and wind, while those used in colder climates may be made of heavier materials that provide insulation and warmth.

military tents come in different sizes and are made of various materials to meet the needs of soldiers and their equipment in different situations. They are an essential part of the military’s gear and are used in various settings to provide protection and shelter.