Alpine Tents for Sale In Bloemfontein South Africa

Alpine Tents for Sale in Bloemfontein South Africa, Over the past years our alpine marquee tents have been popular throughout the whole World. All of our tents are built on order, and thus customer can choose any size, shape, colour and style of the tent. We have designed hundreds of Alpine Tents also called Circus Tents with many thousands of events based on our structures. Special Structures often need special consideration of the manufacturing process. Using planning tools and the experience of the engineer, the designer calculates and defines the entire manufacture processes. Techno Tents supplier of marquees and accessories from small garden shelters, to large wedding tents. They can also supply printed tents for motorsport teams and commercial events. One of the widest ranges of products & services in the marquee companies.

Marquee Tents Manufacturers

Techno Tents are the biggest Marquee Tents Manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. We produce a range of marquees and tents designed especially for the festivals, circus, large weddings, religious events or entertainment events. Not only our products functional but they look good as well. All the products shown on this website are manufactured in South Africa, Durban. The special care that we take ensures that our products are designed to look good and built to last. We use the best material available in today market. Every product has been thoroughly tested for strength and durability and under normal use, we would expect a lifespan in excess of 10 years.

Alpine Tents For Sale in Bloemfontein

Alpine tents for sale in Bloemfontein and we deliver Worldwide, The Alpine Marquee is our signature structure, available in a range of shapes and sizes it is the perfect solution for anyone looking to buy a marquee for an event. All parts are manufactured on-site at our plant in South Africa, Durban, this allows us to ensure all our structures meet the high standards our customers expect from us. Our Alpine Marquee is designed for corporate events, weddings, private homes and much more.

All Tents For Sale

alpine tents


Alpine Tents are known for their unique design and stable structure. Also recognized as high peak tents, these tents are the most eye-catching at any event as they are normally always made to seat larger capacities

aluminium tents for sale


Aluminium tents are the most conventional type of tent as per the client demand quota. Aluminium tents can be used as a permanent or temporal structure for events, parties or any related outdoor events

frame tents for sale


Frame tents can be used for weddings, parties, corporate events, summer balls, and many other functions. These tents are easy to erect and dismantle as well as convenient to stock and transport

Bedouin tents


Bedouin Tents for sale or Stretch tents are available in various different colours to your specification and also in different sizes which start at 5m x 10m stretch tents. Cheese tents as they are known are the latest trend in the tent world.

peg and pole tents


Buy cheap and affordable Pole Tents for Sale in Durban. We are leading Manufacturers of Peg and Pole Tents in South Africa and we used the only premium material. We supply Peg and Pole Tents for Functions and Events.

pagoda tents


Pagoda tents find its origin in South Asia as it’s known for its high peak which attributes to the way the buildings are structured. Pagoda tents find itself among the latest style and good looking tents being used mostly for weddings.

military tents


Military tents are used for the army, military and even camping. Canvas and nylon are both strong fabrics however canvas is more durable in comparison to nylon. Our canvas is coated to ensure that it’s waterproof and are easy to erec

army tents


Army tents are used for the army, military and even camping. Canvas and nylon are both strong fabrics however canvas is more durable in comparison to nylon. Our canvas is coated to ensure that it’s waterproof and easy to erect.

storage tents


Storage warehouse tents is a stronger type of steel used for the frame of marquees. Its heavy duty lasts longer and more stable in comparison to a steel frame tent. Aluminium tents can be used for weddings, parties and corporate event.